With Chuck Reinhold, everything begins and ends with Jesus.

Now seventy-nine and struggling with short-term memory issues, Chuck has spent his entire adult life in the service of his beloved Savior, primarily through the ministry of Young Life, a mission devoted to “introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith.”

Chuck embodies the term “pioneer.” From starting ministries in places like Maryland, New York and Ethiopia, to creating a training program for the equipping of hundreds of men and women to reach kids, Chuck is a man who has lived, loved and led well. In both Young Life and the church, he has pointed others to Jesus and spurred them on in their relationship with Him, and he’s done so with self-deprecating humor and humility.

Chuck has been married to Linda, the love of his life, for over fifty years. Chuck and Linda spend their time living with their son Josh and his family in Northern Virginia, and their daughter Hollie and her family in Nashville, Tennessee.