This little acrostic using AEIOU is a valuable little reminder of how we can read, understand and apply Scripture. I found it very helpful in my own studying of the Bible, helping others to study the Bible and in leading Bible studies.  I didn't originate this. I got it from the Navigators, a staff person named Mike Baldner  to who I am extremely grateful.  

This is a table of context for how to study the Bible.

“A”  stands for ask questions.  This means that you take a book, chapter, passage or verse and ask questions about it.  Who, What, Where, Why, How? Write down your answers. Pray, Think, Meditate, Apply.

“E”  stands for emphasis.  This means to simply say the verse out loud many times, but each time emphasize on word.  Think about it. Write down any thoughts.

“I” stands for illustrate.  This means as you think about the meaning of the verse, you try and make an illustration that would make the point of the verse clear to yourself and to those you might share the verses or passage with.

“O” means “other verses.”   Begin to go through your own mind verse and think of other Scriptures that you know that would compliment or add something to the truth of the passage you are studying.  Then look up the cross references that are given in good study Bibles.

“U” this means “Use it.”  It comes along in the nick of time.  We should never leave a passage of God’s Word without looking for away to apply it to our lives.  We want to ask of the verse or passage: What should I know? What should I feel? What should I do?  What should I say? How can I be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ?

Chuck Reinhold

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