My leaders always taught me about the body of Christ of which I am so thankful.  I loved Young Life. I owed it so much, but I began to go to the training camps of “other works”.  

I remember going to a Campus Crusade week end. I went knowing that it was just the opposite of Young Life.  We believed in “earning the right to be heard” and they just knocked on doors or stopped people on the streets and shared the Gospel, the Four Laws, with them.  It was just the opposite of what I thought I believed. I still don’t know exactly why I went except that “other works” -the body of Christ- clicked in my mind.

It was a transformer for my ministry for the good.  They also believed in earning the right to be heard, but they taught you that you could gain that by a smile and a friendly introduction before sharing with them the Gospel represented in the “Four Laws”.   

#1  God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.

#2  Man is sinful and separated from God

#3  Jesus Christ died for our sins

#4  Must receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord

I came back to Young Life and was eager to share the Gospel..I used the 4 laws with kids I had a relationship with.  So many responded, and my campaigners, the Christian group, grew and the club grew.

-Chuck Reinhold

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