Write out a short very basic paragraph on one of the elements of your ministry.  Then pass it around by email and have your leaders and staff add to it and make it a more perfect leadership description.  Make sure that they add accompanying Scripture, applications, etc.

For example:

You write to them,  "I lead campaigners by meeting Sunday afternoon at 4:00 pm.  I tell them how to grow in Christ and we pray for club that week.  I end in prayer."  Ask them to add details and description to that sentence.

Maybe they would add things like:  " I come early and greet everyone at the door." I make sure that every kid feels welcome by everyone there.  I work hard at having an open loving feeling in the room.  We begin by having each person share how they feel today. I create an open, loving and honest atmosphere.  

We then open to a Biblical passage and maybe one that had been assigned that week.  I create an atmosphere where everyone feels free to make comments, ask questions, and make applications.  The applications are for their own lives and how they effect their family, friends and ministry, etc.  We pray for each other in some way before we leave.  Maybe finish by giving each one a hug.

Some Scriptures might include: 1 Cor 13, Psalm 119:9,11, 2 Tim:316: Heb 10:24,25,

Always close with giving time to pray for each one in the room either silently or outloud.

It gives everyone a chance to think about how to make a meeting better in feeling, content and application.  Anytime we get people to think "how can I improve on what just happened" is a tremendous gift to them and to all they have influence with.

Chuck Reinhold

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