I have had many heroes of faith that have guided me by their example and writings.  Most of them I know through their biographies. I give them sooo much credit for helping me and leading me in my relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  

Let me name a few...“CT Studd”, “Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret”, “Borden of Yale”, “Through Gates of Splendor”.... Thank you Lord. Those books and others were “great leaders and disciplers” in my life.

I know that I owe them great credit for any success I have had in my life for our Lord Jesus Christ. Most of these men were missionaries that went out to untouched tribes of people. Those people who had never heard of the love, forgiveness, and truth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  And they didn’t do it for fame because most of the people back home never heard from them again.

Fortunately for me and my life in Christ, a friend of theirs wrote their biography and blessed people like me... Thank you.  I give these biographies all the credit for the wonderful direction my life took.

-Chuck Reinhold

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