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Email from Chuck Reinhold

December 1, 2008

How can I help?  Here is a report from (staff donor email) that does not mention Jesus Christ.  I am disappointed since He is all we are about in Young Life.  I feel badly for the kids in club in that who are like me when I first went to Young Life club as a total and active unbeliever.

Hope you are doing great.  I miss seeing you.   I am still holding babies down here in Nashville.  My guess is that they do not know how to share Jesus Christ in a way that does not feel to them as "pushy."   I know if they were convinced that in Young Life club and Young Life in general that everyone can believe whatever they want and be fully accepted, that they would be able to state the facts of Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation with boldness and clarity. 

They would see wonderful results because there is power in the nothing Rom 1:16.  I am a result of this promise at Young Life club.  I came as an atheist and came every week until I asked Jesus Christ into my life.  I was fully accepted in Young Life all along.  Where else would I want to be on Tuesday night.  I had fun and was fully accepted with friends and many new friends.  I was not interested in the message but so what, Young Life was where the fun was on Tues night and everyone was invited.

Without pressure ever being shown to me, I came to the leader asking to know how I could have Jesus Christ in my life.  That was living.  I am so happy that they didn't water it down to my level of understanding and comfort-ability (like drinkability). They met me where I was in relation to Jesus Christ and helped me to understand how much I needed Him as my Lord and Savior.  I would still be an unhappy unbeliever thinking sports was life...and now I can only watch sports and remember that I used to play them..

Miss you.

Your friend,

Chuck Reinhold

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