This is an e-mail Chuck sent to his supporters when he really became aware of the fact that he was losing his memory and other challenges along those lines. His feelings in this letter that he expressed stay true to this day. This is still Chuck's heart and attitude towards his memory issues, etc. from being knocked out too many times playing high level college football way back in the day.

"I have much to be thankful for. You all have been great in your prayers and support for me. I don’t have the same energy. I am as alert as I ever was in the moment of conversation and thought, but it is difficult to recall facts from yesterday or even an hour ago.

[What I’m] learning is that I have been spoiled with what God has given me at birth and the friends, education, and experiences along the way that have helped me to compete well in this world. I don’t think I took it for granted, but I have an opportunity now to accept myself as I am. I realize that I don’t have the same capacity I had and can’t compete at the same level.

I have a handicap and I want to be thankful in it and trust the Lord to give me ways to trust and serve Him in the midst of it. Already I feel a compassion in me for people at a new level. I look for ways to serve people in the little things that were missing in my life. I am finding value in the little things I took for granted. I need people to help me where I did not before. I am humbled at the new awareness of how much and unselfishly Linda has served me all of these years with such a Christ-like attitude. She does it without a hint of making me think I am weak in any way. It is a new area for me in knowing the Lord and trusting Him and depending on others in new ways. I must depend on others in areas that in the past I took pride in. It is a new world for me, and I think it is enhancing my relationship with the Lord and others. My prayer is it will actually broaden and deepen my capacity to serve and not limit it.

Please pray for me that I will learn everything the Lord wants me to in this next phase of my life."

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