Why do some believing Christians seem to be living a powerful and effective life in Jesus Christ and others do not seem to have much spiritual life at all.  They might even believe the same things. I think it might be the same answer that a coach might give. All the players block and tackle, but the great players and great teams block and tackle.  I think the point is that the great players block and tackle with passion and with effective techniques. They have paid attention to the details of blocking and tackling.


What are the “blocking and tackling” that make effective and passionate followers of Christ? I can think of some and I am sure that each person can add a few of their own.  Here are few of them that I think make for effectiveness in Jesus Christ.

  1. Love for God and love for your neighbor

  2. Our special times with the Lord.

  3. The Christian wheel and its parts


Love for God and love for your neighbor.  There is two things that we know about every person that we look at.  We know that they want to love God with all their heart, soul, strength and might.  The second is that we were created to love one another.


Now some might energetically argue with us on that. Most would say that they do want to be loved by people and love them but some would argue that point.  Many might say that they absolutely do not want to love God and in fact they don’t even believe in God. Who would be right? Those that say everyone wants to love God and love and be loved by people or those that say they don’t?   


Well, the fact is that everyone was created to love God and love and be loved by people.  God created us that way. Every cell in our body is crying out for a love relationship with God and other people.


It is like the Russian scientist that worked and experimented with fish until he turned one fish into a water hater.  This fish hated water. He was taking the fish to a scientific convention in Chicago. He was carrying it in a fish tank with no water in it under his arm.  The fish was just laying there at the bottom. As he was passing a little pool on the way into the building, someone bumped into him and, wouldn’t you know it, the fish fell into the pool.


Well, it hated water and it tightened up its lips and froze in position. It dropped to the bottom of the pool.  He began to struggle for breath and his tail moved in desperation. It zoomed through the water. He had to let some hated water into his mouth to keep from more pain.  Then he held his breath again and lay there. Then again swoosh through the water and more water into his mouth. After a few times of this happening, it felt better and better until the scientist could not catch the fish.  It found its home and place. It never wanted to leave the water.


That is the same with us humans.  We were made to love God and one another.  We can talk ourselves into the opposite truth, but we would be wrong.  Put a human being in an atmosphere with the love of God and love of people and he might not understand why, but he will never want to leave those conditions.  


We were created for the love of God and people.


  • Practice habits

  • What are the basics..the blocking and tackling

    1. Loving God

    2. Loving your neighbor

    3. Nourishing food

      1. Quiet Time

      2.  Fellowship

      3. Teacher or Mother and Father

      4. Good Book


    1. Discipline

    2. Practice

    3. Confession and forgiveness

    4. Exercise/Witness

    5. Leadership

    6. The Details

      1. Say hi first

      2. Greetings

      3. Challenging

      4. Modeling

      5. Dressing

      6. Smile

      7. Conversation

  • Preparation

  • Attention to detail

  • Humility

  • Teachability

  • Practice

  • Review

  • Practice of mind, body and spirit

  • Making others better

  • Pace setting

  • Responsibility: to lead in the 750 ways other than verbal

  • Learn from others: Wooten, Joe Gibbs, Lombardi..how do they win..principles, attitude, teaching, etc…..


How to have a quiet time…the details


Most Christians have times with the Lord.  Some have times with the Lord that changes them.  What is the difference between the two. I think it might be the same answer that a coach might give.  All the players block and tackle, but some players block and tackle. I think the point is that the effective players block and tackle with passion and with effective techniques.


  • Why have one?

  • When is the best time?  When are you the best? When do you need to focus the most?

  • For reasons given..pause and relax to come into God’s presence to listen and communicate.  If we race in, we do not know why we are there and neither does He.

  • I commit myself spiritually to Jesus Christ and make a determination to be dominated by Him alone.

-Chuck Reinhold

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