From: Chuck

Date: Sat, Mar 17, 2007 at 9:47 AM

Subject: (no subject)

To: Young Life Staff Friends

Here is a good pattern for giving a talk or making a point in campaigners or leadership.  It takes the mystery out of a making up a talk and helps to make what you want to say clear and effective.

The outline goes like this:  1. example, 2. point and 3. reason.

This comes directly from the Dale Carnegie Sales Course.  I like it a lot and have used this pattern for years. I use it for selling camp, club, campaigners, having a quiet time, memorizing verses, bringing friends to club, loving your parents, etc.  It is clear and effective.

You start out with an (1.)Example that is detailed and vivid illustration of the point you want to get across or what you would want them to do.  It grabs people’s attention.

Then you say. (2.) The point is this, and then you make the point.

(3.) Then you give the reason or the benefit of doing it.

For example, if you want to fill a bus up with kids for camp, you begin to “sell” camp by the principles of example, point and reason.   (1)You start out with the example. “Share a kid’s story (Jerry) that they know who went to camp last year and who had a tremendous wonderful time.  Share it with detail and feeling. (2)Then you say, “The point is this….you should join us on the trip coming up in two weeks.” (3) Then you give the reason or benefits. "You will experience the same feelings, fun and benefits that Jerry did and come back to school with something really exciting to share."

It is also a great way to share our talks in club.  We give the example which is a Gospel story or illustration.  Then we say, "The point is this." You can have this feeling and knowledge of “God’s love and presence too” by allowing Jesus Christ into your life.  

The pattern is 1. Example/illustration 2. Point “This is the point.” And 3. Reason, this is the why or the benefit to you.

I am sure that you have been using an outline like this or even a better one, but this is a priceless bit of simplicity and power in my humble opinion.  I trained the Ethiopian staff and leaders with this little outline and it made things so much more simple and fun for them…and effective.

Your constant admirer.

Chuck Reinhold

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