From: Chuck

Date: Thu, Mar 15, 2007 at 11:24 AM

Subject: (no subject) 

I was thinking that how to lead singing might be a good topic since it has so much to do with the value and purpose of the club meeting.

I think, I am not sure, but in America this might have been lowered in importance in the minds of staff and leaders.  In all my years of Young Life it has been of utmost importance. In Ethiopia it was the best.

I know that some think it is dated and kids don’t want to sing.  I would like to see them try to prove that. In Ethiopia they said it would not work that kids were too shy and that it was not what teenagers do.  In a few weeks we couldn’t get kids in the door because there were so many that came to sing their heads off. They did not want to quit.

There are some good reasons for this.

#1. We love to be part of a group of people.  The Lord created us that way. “This is my command, love one another.”  He created us to be a body and to live as though we were an essential part of one another.  Singing in a group gives proof and application of that great truth. I still remember my son Chuckie, who never felt like he was part of any group; feel so happy to be singing the same song with a room packed with kids.  He was one of them. He was singing with them. I know it felt really good to him to belong to the group as they sang the same song. It might have been his favorite time in the week.

I have heard that Young Life has down played singing in club.  I know that is a big mistake. Even if they think it is not cool, everything within them likes it because they are part of something with others.  The leader came make it fun, inspirational and beautiful as the songs proceed through the club.

Our leaders need to be taught how to lead the songs.  Start with the loud ones that do not take great skill. Have fun. Stand up, sit down. Let the girls sing a verse, then the guys, then everyone.  Have one side of the room sing one verse and the other side another.boys then girls. Have fun and have variety.  They are doing things together…like a great team. God created us to love it.

Start the club with a song everyone knows.  Make it a fast song. We used to start with the Battle Hymn of the Republic and then sing it several times and different ways...and loud.  It got everyone’s blood moving and relaxed them. Club was fun. Yes it was a Christian song, but no one mentioned it. They sang for fun. It is okay. No one has to believe anything in Young Life to be welcome, but Young Life IS ABOUT JESUS CHRIST …..BUT YOU CAN BELIEVE WHATEVER YOU WANT. But every kid knows what we believe and they know that Young Life is about Jesus Christ.  They come in droves if club is 1. About fun, 2 Jesus Christ and 3. You can believe what you want and are welcome at Young Life!

Your constant admirer,


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