• Gal. 2:20

  • Luke 9:23

  • Matt. 6:33

  • Jesus Christ is Lord

  • 1  Peter 3:18  ..brought to God

  • John 10  He is LIFE

  • John 15:5

  • WE are to be like Jesus Christ

  • WE are being changed into His image from one degree of glory into another.

  • We communicate in over 750 ways other than verbal

  • Jesus Christ in us is our greatest power

  • 90% of the communication in any talk is sincerity

  • Example. Point and Reason.  Our life is the greatest example

  • The most important ingredient in any talk is sincerity

  • God is love

  • This is my command: love one another

  • If we are not relating to Jesus Christ , then we are not able to relate him to others

Lombardi…How do you win football games.?  ”blocking and tackling”.

How are you effective in Young Life?

What does it mean to have a win in or for Jesus Christ?

  1. Kids meeting Jesus Christ.

  2. Kids growing in Jesus Christ

  3. Kids becoming disciples/leaders for Jesus Christ

What makes a good coach?

What is our goal in Young Life?

What is the purpose of contact work?

What is the purpose of club?

What is the purpose of campaigners?

Every football player knows how to play football.  

How can you help them do better?

How can you do club better?

How can you do contact work better?

How can you do campaigners better?

How can you do discipleship better?

-Chuck Reinhold

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