“Our relationship with Jesus Christ is more important than anything that we do.” -Chuck

Dale Carnegie have said that we communicate in over 750 ways other than verbal.  Therefore it is possible that Christians can say, “I love Jesus Christ”, and in more than 750 ways they are saying “No, I don't.”   It is the reason that the “best” or “articulate” speakers are not always the most influential in motivating people to do or be what they are asking.  The most important ingredient in any talk is sincerity.  Therefore to give a talk about Jesus Christ without sincerity is to mock what is being said and has negative impact.

Most would agree that it is a powerful and moving experience to hear a new Christian express how he or she had accepted Christ and has experienced a new and abundant life in Him.  His or her little talk might not be said in the smoothest of terms and maybe even with a lot of “ahs and ohs”, but the sincerity of what they say of their new found relationship with the Savior is moving to the listeners.  Sincerity is the great gift to effective communication.

The beginning of communicating Jesus Christ to others begins with one’s own relationship with Jesus Christ.  It is obvious that a person who says “I love Jesus Christ” and does not spend time with Him, would have a superficial communication of Jesus Christ to others.  I often ask a leader in the Lord how long they spend with one of their staff or leaders for an individual appointment. I rarely, if ever, hear them say they spend anything less than one hour with them.  They say they need time to say their hellos, get acquainted in comfort , then to talk seriously and sincerely about the important topics common to them, and then to make some applications. I am always impressed and tell them so.  

Then I ask them how long they spend with the Lord each day.  This is when it gets a little sticky. Many say something like “when they get a chance in their busy schedule” or “ten or fifteen minutes”.  When I ask them “when?”, it is a stumper for many. They don’t have a regular time, but only the time that might come available to them. On many days time with their Lord does not come available.  It is not surprising that our most effective leaders in Christ spend much time with Him.

Communication experts say that “we communicate in 750 ways other than verbal”, then what would we be communicating to others when we call Jesus our Lord if we spend little time listening to Him?

Can you imagine a football team without a coach that is present? Or a coach that is present but ignored?  I think the team loses, is unhappy, and without meaning.

There is nothing more satisfying that being with or listening to a man or women who is much with Jesus Christ. He is Life.

Chuck Reinhold

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